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Gel Wax Melts

Gel Wax Melts

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Introducing our Gel Wax Melts! 

Why choose our gel wax melts?
• Easily removable with no mess.
• A slower burn than traditional wax melts, so the scent lasts longer.
• Highly scented.
• Change between scents with ease.

When you have finished using them just let it cool and then peel the wax off and throw in the bin.

Warning: gel wax melts can get hotter than regular wax and so can cause a burner to break. To avoid this happening please ensure that you use a ceramic burner (not a glass one). Use a burner that is at least 10cm high, only use them with tea lights that have a burn time of 4 hours maximum. Keep your burner in a safe place away from accidentally knocks, children or pets. Do not leave the burner unattended.

More scents and colours coming soon!