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Who are we?

Hi! I am Danielle. I am 33 years of age. I was born in Stoke and lived there most of my life until a year ago. I had an amazing upbringing, coming from family who let me make mistakes growing up, guided me well but were there to pick up any pieces I left behind. My family are the ones who have always given me the drive to work hard. I always remember that my mum and dad worked so so hard for me and my brother and even when things were extremely hard for them they never gave up for us. I wish I could introduce my parents to you all because they truly are AMAZING people.

At 16 I started to work in the care industry. I started working in the community for the elderly for a few years, I then went onto work for people with learning disabilities. With this career in focus I studied whilst working and after many years in the field caring for many people and seeing a lot of them through their final days of life, ensuring that I did the best for them I then applied for and got the role of a senior care worker and then after a few more years as a care coordinator. I worked very long hours, sometimes doing a sleep in during the night and straight working in an office for the day time, it was hard work but so so rewarding.

In between the care careers I tried to move and live in Tenerife and only lasted a couple of months before missing my family too much and returning back. I had the confidence to try it though and do not regret that at all. I also moved from Stoke to Sheffield for a year and again I felt too far away from family and had to leave the life I tried to build up there to be closer to my family. It was then decided that I wanted to pass on my experiences and knowledge in care.

So four years ago I became an assessor for people studying health and social care. This was and still is a challenging role, but, like my past career it taught me new skills, I continued my studying in this role too and became even more confident in my own abilities to achieve what I set myself to do as an aim. I am still doing this role now as I feel that even though I doubt myself even today, I am passing on what is important in the care industry and hopefully people are learning things from me.

I started my own business about 6 years ago selling clothes, it took off but I wanted something that I was more passionate about. That’s when I thought that I can talk about subscription boxes, bath and pamper products. 

Divine Box has gone from strength to strength and we truly believe in the quality of our products. Its mainly the products that are popular but also the interaction and genuine interest that we both have with our customers and also the people that have never brought from us but interact with us about our beloved Divine Box. My passion is to make this name a big one and the future plans are that we become a global name.

I just want to thank everybody for believing in and loving Divine Box as much as we do, for my family and friends for their huge support in buying products, promoting us, helping in any way they can and also myself for not giving up and for working hard. I think if I had not worked so hard in my career in care I would not of learnt that hard work gets you places. Always support small businesses as I know just how important it is and how appreciated it truly is too.

The point of this story sharing is to hopefully inspire you to go for your dreams in life, whatever they may be, believe in yourself, work hard but most importantly never give up.