IMPORTANT! As our products are all handmade please allow up to 7 working days for orders. Though most orders are completed and out well within this timescale.

Who are we? A Little bit about the team.

Hi! I am Danielle. CEO of Divine Box. I was born in Stoke and lived there most of my life until a year ago. I had an amazing upbringing, coming from family who let me make mistakes growing up, guided me well but were there to pick up any pieces I left behind. My family are the ones who have always given me the drive to work hard. I always remember that my mum and dad worked so so hard for me and my brother and even when things were extremely hard for them they never gave up for us. I wish I could introduce my parents to you all because they truly are AMAZING people.

At 16 I started to work in the care industry. I started working in the community for the elderly for a few years, I then went onto work for people with learning disabilities. With this career in focus I studied whilst working and after many years in the field caring for many people and seeing a lot of them through their final days of life, ensuring that I did the best for them I then applied for and got the role of a senior care worker and then after a few more years as a care coordinator. I worked very long hours, sometimes doing a sleep in during the night and straight working in an office for the day time, it was hard work but so so rewarding.

 I then became an assessor for people studying health and social care. This was and still is a challenging role, but, like my past career it taught me new skills, I continued my studying in this role too and became even more confident in my own abilities to achieve what I set myself to do as an aim. I am still doing this role now as I feel that even though I doubt myself even today, I am passing on what is important in the care industry and hopefully people are learning things from me.

Divine Box has gone from strength to strength and we truly believe in the quality of our products. Its mainly the products that are popular but also the interaction and genuine interest that we both have with our customers and also the people that have never brought from us but interact with us about our beloved Divine Box. My passion is to make this name a big one and the future plans are that we become a global name.

I just want to thank everybody for believing in and loving Divine Box as much as we do, for my family and friends for their huge support in buying products, promoting us, helping in any way they can and also myself for not giving up and for working hard. I think if I had not worked so hard in my career in care I would not of learnt that hard work gets you places. Always support small businesses as I know just how important it is and how appreciated it truly is too.

The point of this story sharing is to hopefully inspire you to go for your dreams in life, whatever they may be, believe in yourself, work hard but most importantly never give up.


John Hough Managing Director.

I am John. I was born and live in Swadlincote. I joined Divine Box at the end of 2020. I am thoroughly enjoying managing Divine Box as a whole with Danielle. My hobbies are snowboarding, socialising and walking with my 3 dogs. 

What is it like working for Divine Box? It is hard work and takes up a lot of time and every day is a learning curve but I would not change it for the world. 

What do you do in your role? I am an overall manager of the company and oversee orders, making, packing, painting, planning of new projects. 

What is your favourite product of Divine Box? My favourite product is taking it back to where it all began..... bath bombs. 


Ceri - head of customer service/administration 

Hi, I’m Ceri, I live in stoke on trent with my partner of 11 years and my two little girls. Up until recently I worked as a teaching assistant for 9 years in a local primary school, I decided to leave to enable me to be at home more with my girls. Before that my line of work has always been customer service/front of house based. I am as creative as they come, ambitious, outgoing and just generally daft, I like making people smile.
Outside of work most of my time is family based, we go on as many adventures as we possibly can when we can. I love being a mum and I’m enjoying being at home more. I have a menagerie of fur babies ranging from guinea pigs, cat, dogs. I like to keep busy!
My passions are travel & art. I love sketching & painting and have a part time business of my own called Fairydust paintings & murals which hopefully one day when the girls are older I can focus on expanding further. I love learning about different cultures and although my travelling days have taken a bit of a backseat since becoming a Mum I’m still making sure we see as much of the world as possible.
I really enjoy working for Divine box, first & foremost because I get to work with my life long friend Danielle founder & owner of Divine box ltd. For some friendships this might not work, but for us it just does, I can’t explain it, I feel very lucky! I love being able to focus my creative energy towards the growing company and working with Dani we just bounce off each other! It’s great! I love hearing about all of her ideas and I love giving them too! I am also really enjoying liaising with the reps for the company as-well as the customers. It’s nice to be using my customer service skills again. I’m learning more and more each week working with the company. I’ve improved my general IT skills as-well by learning how to update things on the website and have recently set up the wholesale section on there. I love all of divine box products, the bath bombs leave your skin so soft but in particular I absolutely love their massive range of scents in the wax melts!


Mary Dunn head of wholesale with Ian

Hi, I’m Mary. Part of the wholesale team. My hobbies are dog walking, going to concerts, socialising at my local pub and going out for meals. I work with my husband managing the wholesale side of the business and surprisingly it’s going really well. We have our own tasks to do for Divine Box and we really enjoy working from our home in our own workshop. My favourite product to paint is quite a difficult question to answer, there are quite a few. I like painting the minimen, chubby unicorns, monkeys and owls. I have a lot of experience with my creative side so I take a lot of pride in painting all wholesale bath bombs. What I love about this company is the vast variety of products that we have. There is something for everybody. I get great job satisfaction in seeing the finished product as my husbands makes the wholesale bath bombs and I paint them. I love the excellent feedback that we get from the customers. 

Ian Dunn head of wholesale with Mary 

Hi, I’m Ian head of Divine Box wholesale team alongside my wife Mary. I have many years experience in management and feel this is an excellent skill for me to carry over to Divine Box. I really like the part time work since leaving my last employment and working alongside my wife. My hobbies are football, spending time with my family and socialising with friends. I really enjoy making all of the wholesale orders whilst Mary paints them. We make a very good team. 

Ian Udall head of manufacturing bath bombs

Hi, I’m Ian, I live in Swadlincote and I am the main maker and painter of the customer side of the bath bombs. A typical day consists of upkeeping stock levels by making and painting the bath bombs that customers buy. My hobbies are socialising with friends, watching TV, walking my dog, playing squash, music and football. 
I have my own workshop at Divine Box HQ and really enjoy working with the owners who are good friends of mine and having my own space and tasks to do. What started off as working for a contract with Divine Box lead to being the main maker of the bath bombs. I really enjoy what I do and the flexibility of my working life.