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Carpet & Mattress freshener in mermaid bag

Carpet & Mattress freshener in mermaid bag

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In 400g mermaid bags, we are proud to announce our latest stock. Empty shakable tubs are available to purchase from the website where you can refill your own tubs with these bags. 


Our gorgeous carpet & mattress freshener. Just simply shake onto carpet, rugs or mattress, leave it for 20 minutes and remove with your home appliances. Then enjoy from a wide range of fragrances available. Keep away from pets and children when you have it on the carpet, rug or mattress. It is safe for children and pets once it has been removed and the scent is released.


More scents added weekly. 

our winter collection descriptions are below, 

Let’s Claus A Scene - A sweet oriental accord opening with notes of lemon, orange, mandarin, peach and a hint of coconut followed by a floral heart of heliotrope, jasmin, lily and rose resting on a sumptuous base of sandalwood, amber, musk and creamy vanilla.

Let’s Take An Elfie - A delicate, refreshing fragrance blending cool light top notes of icy peppermint and spearmint, with a hint of lemongrass, supported by winter floral heart notes, resting on a base of light sandalwood and amber.

Love At Frost Bite - A delicious chocolate fragrance refreshed with notes of peppermint.

Sleigh It Aint So - A vibrant festive fruity delight of cranberries and elder berries lavished by hints of dry orange peel, gala apple and a sprinkling of juniper berries.

Sleigh my name - An extraordinary spiced wood blend with a hint of fresh cardamom and black pepper, on a heart of patchouli, cedar and cinnamon, with a rich ambery base of leather and tobacco.

Salted Bourbon Buttercream - A delectable gourmand creating where a dash of dark bourbon combines with rich fruity nuances. Hints of salted caramel, vanilla essence and sweet buttercream bring the fragrance to a close.